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Career Integration

What do employers think of Global Learning? How can we help our students make sound career decisions and capitalize on their international experiences? Find in this page resources to address these issues.

Survey of Employers What do employers think about International Education? How do they rate global knowledge? How much do they value intercultural competence or foreign language proficiency? The AAC&U has conducted several surveys of employers that can inform International Education efforts.

Adviser Guide to Study Abroad Career Plan The Study Abroad Career Plan provides a structure for advising students to consider the career implications of their decisions to study abroad, from the moment they decide on programs, to the critical moments when they are asked to describe their skills in interviews.

Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development The goal of this Guide is to provide students with a framework to understand the impact and added value of study abroad for their career development.

Student Guide to the Job Interview Process “How does your study abroad experience make you a better candidate for this position?” Teach your students techniques to create compelling narratives they can use in job interviews.

LinkedIn for Students Encourage your students to create a LinkedIn profile and upload there the link to their eportfolios and/or presentations. Don’t miss the quick tip sheets and videos.

Univ. of Minnesota Career Integration Resources This site is rich in additional resources for career integration after study abroad. It contains literature, presentations, and conference information.