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Share an Activity

Contribute to our learning community by sharing an activity with the group. Please keep in mind that the goal of sharing ideas is to provide other colleagues with a detailed pathway to replicate your program or activity. To this effect please provide us with the following information:

Description of activity

  • What is the title and nature of the activity? Please add a detailed description
  • Can you help us visualize it? Please provide website, flyers, pictures, videos, completed student projects…, etc.

Organizational needs

  • What financial resources are required? Please specify dollar amounts.
  • How much staff does the activity require?
  • How much time is needed including planning time?


  • What are the learning outcomes of the activity?
  • What types of evidence indicate progress?
  • If possible, please share with us the surveys and/or rubrics you use to evaluate the activity

Additional Resources

  • What campus departments do you collaborate with (Student Life, academic departments…) for the organization of this activity?
  • What outside funding resources do you receive for this activity?
  • What outside organizations you collaborate with for this activity (NGOs, charities, business partners…)
  • Have you encountered/conducted any research or data providing a rationale for this activity? If, so, can you share it with us?

Please e-mail your information to Paloma Rodriguez (paloma.rodriguez@sfcollege.edu).

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