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Explanation of Descriptors

Name of Program  Indicates the name of the certificate program
Degree  Indicates the degree tracks in which students can complete the program:

  • AA/AS (Associate of Arts/Science- transfer oriented degrees)
  • Associate of Applied Science (non-transfer, workforce oriented degrees)
  • Less than two year degree credential
Credits  Total number of credits in globalized courses required to graduate with the certificate program. (Includes required and elective courses).
Capstone Course(s)  Indicates specific courses that are mandatory for all students enrolled in the program.
Foreign Language Required   Indicates that college level courses in a foreign language are a mandatory requirement of the program.
Co-curricular   Describes co-curricular activities that qualify towards the program.
Study Abroad Required   Indicates that students are required to participate in a study abroad experience. (Requirement cannot be fulfilled in-country).
Global Research or Experience Required   Indicates that students are required to participate in an extensive global experience (internship / volunteering / service learning / study away experience in a different cultural community) or extensive research project.
Service Learning Required   Indicates that students are required to participate in a service learning experience.
Capstone Project  Indicates that students need to produce a final project.
Transcript Notation   Indicates whether or not graduating students will receive a notation in their transcript demonstrating attainment of the certificate program.
Minimum grade/GPA   Indicates minimum GPA required to graduate with the program.

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